What is Universal Education


No one has yet fully discovered the enormous potential for empathy, kindness, and generosity hidden in a child’s soul. An authentic education should focus its efforts on trying to discover this great treasure.

Emma Goldman

Universal Education is an association born in 2007 (no reg. 589414) with the aim of promoting an educational project to learn to live with meaning and fulfillment. Its objective is to develop the potential for fullness of the person, to achieve happiness and personal excellence and thereby contribute to the well-being of others, thus promoting a better society and a more harmonious world.


… permanent because it consists of learning to live in all stages and situations of life with meaning and fullness.
… comprehensive, since it aims to act in all areas of the person: physical, cognitive, emotional, social and existential, in order for all human capacities and intelligences to be developed in an integrated and harmonious way.


… because it promotes universal qualities and values, such as ethics, wisdom, responsibility, and altruism, which are shared by people of all ages, cultures, origins, and religions. … because it is open to contributions from all traditions and cultures. … because it favors social transformation through personal development


Educación Universal is a non-profit association, officially registered under number 589414 and was founded in 2007 in order to channel, organize and direct the initiatives and actions of Universal Education in Spain.

The association’s mission is to educate for a meaningful life, develop the potential of the person to achieve happiness and personal excellence, and, based on this change, contribute to the well-being of others, a better society and a world more harmonious and responsible. This implies carrying out activities and developing didactic resources that allow cultivating different skills and intelligences, that promote a deep knowledge of oneself and reality.

It is made up of professionals from different sectors, from psychology to biochemistry, among which the number of people who are dedicated to education stand out, both regulated (infant, primary, general and professional secondary, higher education and pedagogy) and non-regulated ( free time educators, camp directors, teachers of yoga, tai-chi and other techniques for children) …

… with a common interest: to offer an education that incorporates values, mental abilities and knowledge of reality from a secular, scientific and open perspective, with an approach that favors universal responsibility and includes spirituality.

Universal Education In the world


Knowledge does not mean being an expert in a lot of different information, but understanding the nature of the mind. This knowledge can penetrate each of our thoughts and illuminate each of our perceptions.

Matthieu Ricard


Universal Education shares projects and activities with Universal Wisdom Education.

The inspiration for this educational idea has borne fruit in the form of multiple initiatives and projects in different countries and cultures dedicated to all types of audiences. Here’s a sample:

Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom. It is an international non-profit organization, based in London, that helps promote and develop Universal Wisdom Education throughout the world. For more information.  http://www.compassionandwisdom.org

Other associated projects:

In addition, at present, there are various schools around the world that apply the methodology of Universal Education / Universal Wisdom Education, adapting their curriculum to the sociocultural context in which they are:

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