In Universal Education, it is positively valued that the educator can develop an appropriate method tailored to him and to that of the students with whom he will work. To do this you will need to use your own wisdom and potential. The specific resource, material or book to be used is not as important as who it is addressed to and how it is used. For this reason, in the various training proposals offered, we intend to suggest and inspire possible paths rather than establish a single path.

In this sense, we are committed to:

An education whose main objective is to educate to be happy, and thus fulfill the universal aspiration of the human being to full well-being and not just a mere superficial or temporary gratification.

A balanced and comprehensive education, aimed at preparing people for all spheres of life, and which addresses all facets of the person, including the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and existential dimensions.

An experiential learning that starts from the basis that the learner is not a passive receiver, who must be filled with information and knowledge, but requires active methods that allow them to reach abstractions, to generate their own knowledge through experimentation and experience. Only in this way, from an experience felt as their own, will the student be able to open up to the experience of others, to empathize and transmit the knowledge and skills acquired, thus contributing to the harmony of their environment and society.

An education that is based on introspection techniques, including meditation and contemplation, to cultivate attention and concentration, facilitate the learning process, self-knowledge, knowledge of reality and harmony in ourselves and with the world , with the aim of developing the full potential of the person.

The educator as a reference for students and an example of what he wants to teach or transmit. This implies, inevitably, being immersed in a constant process of personal evolution and self-knowledge, being humble to recognize one’s own capacities and limitations, being willing to share uncertainty, accept mistakes, and gain self-knowledge. This point is very important in the educational process because it gives it coherence.

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